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Olivia Reid

With a unique folk writing-style featuring acoustic guitar, experimental arrangements, and new production techniques, Olivia presents a collection of melancholy indie songs with an electronic twist in her solo project.  The debut single, "Organic Bloom", was released on March 2nd, 2018 by Olivia's independent business, Breeze Street Media, and has found a global audience, at one point reaching over 100,000 monthly listeners around the world. Her next single Norfolk Drive is to be released on February 8 2019. Entirely self-produced by Olivia, Norfolk Drive’s visceral sound arrangement blends acoustic folk styles with electronic synthesis to paint a vivid narrative around a winter trip on a train and an escape to the cold seaside.

Olivia Reid’s music in the indie electronic realm can be recognized through her features as a songwriter and vocalist with several producers.  Her most visible collaboration with Australian duo SŸDE, Above the Clouds, was featured in VISA's latest campaign, and is approaching 15 million plays on Spotify as well as international radio. 2018 brought about her collaboration with Feki - “Don’t Doubt” climbing past 1.5 Million listens and inspired by Olivia’s path to doing music as her life’s goal. Her first collaboration with duo Joyzu, "Hear You Say", had skyrocketed to nearly 2 million plays on Spotify alone in 2016.  "The Up and Down", a feature with Spanish artist Hykuu, recently reached over a 1 Million plays, and "Wild Heart" with artist FTRSL continues to climb steadily over half a million plays.  All of Olivia's features can be found on Spotify playlists such as Good Vibes, The Office Stereo, and Pop Chillout.